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Appreciative Comments

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Thank you so much to all of you who have commented both privately and
on-list on my involvement with the development of the Inspection Program.
It's enheartening to receive your appreciative recognition.  I've had some
very encouraging communications from most of the more prolific contributors
and from many lurkers, too.  Thanks again to all of you.

I find it most rewarding to work within the Engineering community in the
development of quality control and quality assurance systems within the
construction industry.

Shafat suggested I post the following Inspection Program access
instructions one more time. To date we've had over 350 requests for this

To meet the Uniform Building Code, Section 106.3.5,  "Inspection and
Observation Program" requirements and at the request of the Engineering and
Design communities,  Structural Inspection Consultants Inc, an accredited
Inspection Body,  has developed a "Special Inspection , Materials Testing
and Structural Observation Program"

This page is formatted as "D" size in AutoCad Release 12 and Word 97 and is
available by request through our web page,

This is an entirely separate page for the General Notes or Structural Notes
section of your plans.  This carefully developed program conforms to the
UBC requirements for the Inspection and Observation Program and has space
for your title block.  Although considered a thorough program it is in
electronic format and additions, deletions or other changes are easily
accomplished such as the insertion of the name of your Structural Observer
when  applicable.

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