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AW: Re: Glass Information Needed

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Hi Tony,

Hereafter is some data I found in a recent German publication
about the properties of glass as structural element:

 -Unit Weight:		25 kN/m^3
 -E-Modulus:		70 000 to 75 000 MPa
 -S-Modulus:		28 000 to 30 000 MPa
 -Poisson-R:		0.25
 -Ultimate Strength:	30 to 90 MPa
 -Compression Strength:	700 to 900 MPa
 -Abrasive Hardness:	5-6
  (after Mohs at al.)
 -Impact Resistance:	1.2 to 4.1  Nm    (depending on glass thickness)
  (Impact Work at Failure)
 -"Thermal Softening"-Temperature:	560-580 °C
 -Thermal Expansion Coefficient:	9.0 x 10^-6        1/Kelvin

Peter Rangelow
Frankfurt, Germany

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Betreff: Re: Glass Information Needed
Datum: Dienstag, 7. Juli 1998 09:25

Hello Engineering Friends:

And "old" client of mine just wanted (still does) to know how much load (in
psi or wheel load) a 1/4" thick tempered glass lens (clear span 9-1/2"
diameter circular support) can withstand.
Does anyone have properties for the tempered glass?
Thanks in advance

Antonio S. "Tony" Luisoni
Consulting SE