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FEMA 302

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I fixed the chart format below and have sent this a second time.

Has anyone noticed that the factored shear values for wood shear walls in FEMA 302 NEHRP
Recommended Provisions for Seismic Regulations for New Buildings and Other Structures
Table 12.4.3-2a are about 17% higher than the 1997 UBC allowable values?

For 7/16" OSB with 8d nails the shear per linear foot is:

    NEHRP                                                     UBC
6" O.C.  4" O.C.  3" O.C.  2" O.C.    6" O.C.  4" O.C.  3" O.C.  2" O.C.
280 plf   410 plf    530 plf   680 plf     240 plf   350 plf   450 plf    585 plf

Is NEHRP based on Ultimate strength while UBC is based on working stress?  This is very
important since the 2000 IBC structural provisions will come from NEHRP.

Sam Love
Love Engineering
Ogden, Utah