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Re[2]: Glass Information Needed

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The AAMA [(312) 699-7310] produces a document called "Structural Properties of
Glass."  It appears to be very complete.  The table of contents lists these

1.  Historical Aspects of Glass
2.  Properties of Glass
3.  Statistical Nature of Glass
4.  Design Loads and Glass Strength
5.  Deflection Characteristics of Glass
6.  Conditions That Affect the Performance of Glass

Hope this is helpful

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Subject:    Re: Glass Information Needed
Author: seaoc(--nospam--at)
Date:       7/7/98 12:27 AM

Hello Engineering Friends:

And "old" client of mine just wanted (still does) to know how much load (in
psi or wheel load) a 1/4" thick tempered glass lens (clear span 9-1/2"
diameter circular support) can withstand.
Does anyone have properties for the tempered glass?
Thanks in advance

Antonio S. "Tony" Luisoni
Consulting SE