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RE: 3/8" Plywood shear values on metal studs.

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The '97 UBC Table 22-VIII-C only lists values for 7/16" OSB and 15/32"
Struct I plwd. Remember to reduce the table figure by the appropriate
factors noted in the footnotes.
I don't believe that 3/8" panels were tested by either APA or by AISI
(Professor Reynard Serrette at Santa Clara University) and would not
recommend making the substitution. It is okay, however to increase the
thickness of the panel (within reason) from a 7/16" OSB to a 15/32" Struct I
Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: 3/8" Plywood shear values on metal studs.

Does anyone know, or where I can find the values for 3/8" Plywood shear
on metal studs.  I only found values for 1/2" ply in the UBC.

Or does anyone know of someone currently testing metal stud shear walls with
3/8" ply values.

Thanks in advance