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RE: Autocad and MS Word Problem

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Thanks.  The weird thing is that what I had been doing was going to 'Tools'
and then 'Bullets and Numbering' and it won't work.  If I use the method you
mentioned it WILL work.  Go figure.

Thanks again,


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Subject:	RE: Autocad and MS Word Problem

Yeah.  What you do is go to the next section heading (in this case
"Masonry") and right-mouse-button (RMB) click.  Select "Bullets and
Numbering" from the pop-up.

At the bottom there should be a little radio-button that says "Restart
Numbering."  Make sure that is shown selected.  Then click on "OK".

The section should then renumber.

Don't know why this changed with the new version of MS Word, but there ya

Ain't Microsoft Grand?

BTW, greetings to Pell City, from a guy from Birmingham (now in Houston).

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Subject:	Autocad and MS Word Problem

For our general notes we have a MS Word file with everything that we
typically run into.  Things that don't apply to a particular problem are
deleted and the remainder is cut and pasted into Autocad's mtext.  I
recently got a new computer and this method hasn't worked quite right since.
We use MS Word in lieu of a text file so that Word will re-number what we

Here's how the text appears in MS Word and how it used to appear in acad.

Reinforced Concrete
1.   text
2.   text
3.   text
4.   text

1.   text
2.   text
3.   text
4.   text

Here is how it looks once it is cut and pasted into acad.  Note that
everything is numbered correctly is Word.

Reinforced Concrete


Notice that once the text is inserted into autocad the numbering is changed.
Having to go back and renumber about 50 lines is kind of a pain.

Does anyone have any advice.


John Jones, EIT
Pell City, AL