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Preferred Disasters

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Microsoft has a well-deserved reputation for selling software that is
bloated, incomplete, and riddled with errors.  Their software also is
filled with a variety of secrets.  One secret is that they apparently
prefer volcanoes to other types of natural disasters.  Perhaps this is a
regional (Redmond) prejudice.  Open their "3D Text" screen saver and
type in the word "Volcano".  Now run the screen saver.  The floating
word is not "volcano", but rather an ever-changing list of all known
active volcanoes!  

This doesn't work for other types of natural disasters.  What a shame!
If Microsoft was based in San Jose, we could have a list of active
earthquakes ...or hurricanes in Houston ... or presidential partners in
Washington D.C.

Stan Caldwell in Dallas ...
where we don't allow natural disasters

Just because you are growing older,
doesn't mean that you have to mature!
                                  ... anonymous