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RE: Retaining Wall program

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I'm glad that RetainPro has come out with a new version that fixed some
problems with their last issue. In version 4, the .dxf file put all the
entities on one layer. I also believe that there is now an option (finally)
to consider the vertical component of the earth pressure even with level
backfill. IMO, this should be a judgement call by the EOR, not the software
author. I'm not upgrading on principal only since I paid for ver 4 and
couldn't use it.

Speaking of principals, I wouldn't buy anything from Eagle Point due to
their aggressive sales methods.

I've "rolled my own" using both MathCAD and Excel and now I can design
whatever I want.

Bill Allen

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Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 1998 1:54 PM
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Subject: Retaining Wall program

I understand that Eagle Point Software is giving away their Quick Wall
retaining wall program as a special to SEAOC members (and I would think any
of the list members).I heard through rumor that this was an offer which was
to be advertised in our SEAOSC Online, but have not seen it.
If any of you have information or have seen it online, let me know. I'll try
and reach Joe Deppe about it as well (if he isn't lurking somewhere out

>From what I know of the program, it will design a cantilever wall as well
a basement wall. Although Free is hard to compete against, I am interested
in running the program through its paces and comparing it against the

On the same note, I have seen a pre-release of Retain-Pro 5.0 and am very
impressed with the interface. It has shed its conservative appearance for
something friendlier that I can relate to. Again, I have not played with it
too much and know that the features have expanded significantly for this
program. I will report on both programs as I get my hands upon them and have
run them through my software course.

Also, if any of you know of other commercial retaining wall programs, I
would be interested in hearing from you or simply send me the link so that I
can check it out myself. I do know about the program that is part of the
Enercalc library which is not as robust as RetainPro but of the same family
of products. BTW, Retainpro 5 will now design basement walls as well.

Maybe Joe Deppe can fill us in a bit more about EP's unique offer!

Dennis Wish PE