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Re: cables -- iterative techniques

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You can get 'cook book' solutions from Roark's Formulas for Stress and
Strain for single span cables.  The 5th ed. has two cases; one for a
uniformly distributed load and the other for a concentrated load.  See
Table 12, Case Nos. 5 and 6.

Walt Sawruk
EQE International, Inc.
Shillington, PA

At 01:01 PM 08-07-1998 EDT, you wrote:
>Anyone out there work much with cables?
>I'm curious about the iterative solutions I have seen, such as on pages 4.23
>to 4.27 of  the Structural Steel Designer's Handbook, 2nd ed. by
>& Merritt.
>(I like to use these simpler methods to get close before using a more exact
>analysis such as can be found in "Analysis of cable & catenary structures" by
>Broughton & Ndumbaro.)
>Sometimes the Merritt method converges, and sometimes it doesn't.  With low
>initial sags, the method doesn't converge.  If the initial sag is increased,
>the method then converges.  Has anyone found this to be the case, and does
>anyone have an explanation?
>Brian Veit, P.E.