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Re: bad [humor]

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Around midnight, on a Saturday night, nearly 2 weeks ago, I sent a little joke to a civil
engineer friend of mine.  The joke was about civil engineers, and referred to the Almightly.
Unfortunately, at midnight, my eye-hand coordination isn't what it should be, and instead of
picking my friend's email address from my address book I picked the adjacent address (seaoc) by
mistake.  I didn't realize my mistake until 30 seconds later when my message showed up on the
seaoc listserver.     --  Oops !!   --

I didn't post a follow-up because I figured I'd just be chided for re-posting a joke that had
been on the listserver about 6 months earlier.   Instead, we've had 2 weeks of bantering back
and forth on religion, which is clearly NOT the subject of this list.

I apologize to the list for posting the joke in the first place.  And, I challenge everyone to
help me stop this thread.

If you have an opinion on this subJect --  DON'T EXPRESS IT HERE  !!!!


Lew Midlam, PE