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House and detached garages on 24" slab

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Has any one done this kind of foundation?
I have a project of 3 1/2story large house with a dettached 6 car garage and a
detached 2 car garage in a flat medium size lot near downtown .   The house
foot print is about 3800 sq. ft..  It also has 10 foot high retaining walls
for a (just like a flower bed) medium size tree bed along the side of a
garage.  Since the house is as wide as a lot, the drive way is under the 2nd
story at one edge of the house.  The drive way after go through the house turn
to the right to go to 2 car garage, or if go straight to go to 6 car garage.
Everything including the driveway, the house , the garages and the retaining
walls are on 24" slab on grade due to a poor soil( by soil engineer

If you have done this kind of foundation, what is your recommendation for the
slab design?  Any publications or books would you recommend for me to look

Another thing,the architect wants me to challenge the soil engineer to require
the slab to be thinner.  I am not a soil engineer and I don,t know about soil.
Does anyone have any comment about this?

Thanks in advance for your input.
Ed Latthitham S.E.
Oxnard, CA