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Dear Mr. Roseland:
    Thank YOU for your very thoughtful message--although I have not responded to any of the humorous pieces put forth through the server, I was becoming marginally distressed by the vitriol elicited by the last flurry of comments--I very much appreciate your reasonable (and somewhat indirect) approach.  I hope that those 'out there' who are morally offended and self righteous take note:  the universe is an awfully big place--there is room for all.  Best wishes for a good week and wonderful summer.
Sincerely,  audra kunf (ranous)

NRoselund(--nospam--at) wrote:

One of the special characteristics of this list is the comraderie that is
being built on mutual responsiveness of members to the needs for quickly
available structural engineering knowledge or opinion.  Nearly every request
for information or opinion elicits responses that are clearly very thoughtful
and intended to be helpful.  That process is putting together something
valuable between us.  I think that I can sense the mutual respect and
gratefulness that's out there right through my monitor.  The comraderie that
it is developing makes me want to meet all you folks.

I hope that we can continue to nurture the respect for one another that we've
been building.  Conflicting opinions are bound to exist among a diverse,
worldwide collection of people.  We don't agree on CAD programs or
Wordprocessors; certainly, variations in world-view beliefs are bound to
endless.  The need to respond to what we percieve to be error is basic in us
-- it needs to happen.  I know that it takes careful thought to put together
an attack on an opinion without attacking the person who holds it.  And, it
takes toughness to have a strongly-held opinion attacked without feeling that
the attack is personal.  But, the value offered to us through this list makes
it worthwhile to take care of what we've built up by making the effort both

My belief, as a designer, is that people and the world around us have clearly
been put together by a remarkable designer.  The joke brings that to our
attention, so I liked it -- a lot.  I think that the Bible tells us about the
designer; science tells us (more and more as time goes by) of the awesome
details in the design.  Despite common opinion, the Bible and what we know
about the world through science are not irreconilable; instead, studied
together, they give us compelling reasons to be grateful for life and for
comprehension, and to eagerly pursue a friendship with the designer -- a
relationship that the Bible tells us he has already initiated.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
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