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RE: about the Bad Humor issue

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I am continuously amazed about how mortals think that they know God's plan
or intentions or think they know what Jesus Christ meant when he said
something. Certainly, there is a lot of documentation in the Bible, but
there are a lot of folks who want to read between the lines to form their
own interpretation.

I think it would certainly show progress of our species if we could learn to
be more tolerant and more respective of others as well as become less
judgmental of others (I think even Jesus Christ said something about this).
I believe it would be a wonderful day when we can all respect Christians,
Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Atheists, Blacks, Whites, Browns, Yellows, Reds,
Males, Females, Gays and Straights while maintaining our own dignity and
sense of humor. The Reverend Martin Luther King once suggested a yardstick
that I believe wouldn't be a bad barometer.

There exists a lot of humor out there that is truly offensive and disgusting
to most audiences. However there is some that may lie in a gray area. If we
all become so afraid of stepping on someone's toes, what kind of society
will that create? Certainly a listserv w/o humor.

The Christians on this listserv need to lighten up.

Bill Allen

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Subject: about the Bad Humor issue

..........just a few things I'd like to share with you guys.

I was once a Christian and its not bad being one.  Although its good
to practice this religion, I had a lot of questions then until I was led
to make my own research.

After I decided to dig up  more facts through books, meditations,
talking to reliable sources (people who can see better the spiritual world)
and other forms of in-depth research, I found out that religion is  the best
guide for a person to survive not only for the physical benefits but also
for the spiritual evolvement.

I now realized that I should respect all forms of beliefs but not to
all  for it will destroy the purpose of my stay here on earth. It is not the
religion who will save a person from damnation but its his first step
towards what we call 'Enlightenment'.

I suggest that if a person's religion can't teach him basic discipline, he
should seriously look for a replacement right now for we are not sure
if there will still be someone to remind him next time.

(BTW, I didn't transfer to another religion ....... I traveled around and
went back from where I started...though I'm still learning....I'm already
satisfied with the results and ' won't trade it for the world).

Gil Monsalud C.E.
Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

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> Subject: Re: bad  [humor]
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> Dave Morris
> "The gospel, the good news, of Jesus Christ is that God so loved the
> world that he gave his only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in
> him shall not perish but have eternal life."
> Dave maybe you can help answer a question I have with the Christians
> viewpoint on life, now and hereafter.
> I would have to believe that "God" in whatever form he (she?) takes
> would love all the people of the earth and would not be discriminatory
> or have an ego that would require that only  "whosoever believes in him
> shall not perish but have eternal life"
> Does that mean that even a person with good morals and values is doomed
> to hell if they dont profess their belief.  Does this mean that members
> of other religions who may not believe in Jesus, even if they are good
> people, are going to hell too?  What happened to all of the native
> people in the Americas, Asia and Africa who until only in recent
> centuries have learned of Jesus - were they doomed to hell as well
> because of their remoteness from Israel (they didn't even have a choice
> to believe or not)
> I think it is great that you have strong feelings for "your" religion.
> God knows that the world needs more people with Christian type beliefs.
> Personally though I have a problem with the discriminatory belief that
> only the "Christian" way is the right way - maybe that is why some other
>  "educated" people take "lightly" "your" beliefs.  In the end I guess I
> will have to deal with God and I will ask him (her?) the same questions
> and to be honest I am not quite sure I would want to be with him if he
> doomed all those who didn't know or didn't profess belief - doesn't seem
> like a nice or "Christian" person would do that.