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Re: Religion

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I have only been viewing this list server for a brief period of time and I
have been highly impressed with the depth of knowledge and willingness to help
others in this profession.  This list server is by far one of the most
professional I have seen on the internet.

As far as the religion, politics etc. issues, I do not see a problem with us
also reasonably discussing them.  We do not always just have questions on
engineering but maybe we would like an engineer's opinion on social issues.

I definetely think a little humor is good for me...I will not speak for
others.  This religion issue currently being "aggressively discussed" reminds
me of the bigger fights/arguments I have seen.  They all seem to have some
common traits:

1.  We all value our personal opinions, and whenever someone disagrees with
these opinons, we think they are not understanding us or are not intelligent.
WELL folks, please remember....these are opinions and not facts.   I am over
40 years old and still have not seen a big fight over facts...only opinions.

2.  There are extremists on almost any issue.  I personally do not think you
can change an extremist's opinion...regardless of your information and logic.
The extremist tend to get the majority of people into the heated debate.  I
think the majority of people in the fray  have reasonable views and are
willing to listen, but the 10% of extremist get the pot to boiling.

I think this group will easily survive any social issue....

Just my 34 cents worth...sorry inflation has eliminated my giving my 2 cents

"Stop and smell the roses, but please get your butt out of my way while you