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Re[2]: Enercalc Reinforced Concrete Beam

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Questions that have been going thru my mind:

1. I am curious about the absence of live load.  With a span of 12 feet, live 
load would have to be at least 6 feet above the lintel to be out of the 
triangular area of influence.  (I always add about 2 feet on this to provide 
a "compression area" for arching action.)

2. This was stated to be a reinforced concrete lintel.  All of the responses 
that I have seen have assumed *unshored* construction, i.e., uniform load 
instead of triangular load.  Admittedly, the uniform load situation would 
give a conservative answer.

3. Are the ends of the lintel really fixed?  How far are the reinforcing bars 
being extended into the wall on either side of the opening and will the wall 
weight on the extensions of the ends of the lintel be sufficient to provide 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona