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Hi-Elastic Steel

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Greetings all!

I have come across a note on shop drawings for an electrical
transmission line tower dated 1943 that says the following:  "ASTM
A7-46, Except Angles marked * to be "HI-ELASTIC LIMIT" Grade"  The
design/loading drawing only lists allowable stress for A7. I have called
Bethlehem and some "old timers" and have not found anyone who can tell
me the properties of the HI-ELASTIC LIMIT material (or rather, unwilling
to do the research).  I know that A7 is a mild steel with properties
almost that of A36.  I verified that by doing calculations on a tower
and found that actual stresses are mostly around the allowable called
out on the design/loading drawings.  The members marked HI-ELASTIC on
the shop drawings, however, have stresses typically between 24,000 and
32,500 PSI.  Unfortunately, the design/loading drawings don't mention an
allowable or yield stress for the HI-ELASTIC steel. 

My question:  Does anyone have information for the properties (yield
stress in particular) of the HI-ELASTIC LIMIT steel as manufactured by
Bethlehem Steel Company, San Francisco Plant around 1943?

Thanks in advance, 
Terry Ryan, PE