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RE: Hi-Elastic Steel

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I don't seem to have anything on "HI-ELASTIC LIMIT" grade steel but If
you're looking at a structure designed during W.W.II you may see an
allowable tension stress of 24 ksi rather than the usual 20 ksi for A7
steel.   In 1942 the allowable tension stress of A7 steel was
temporarily increased to conserve steel.  If I think of a source of info
on "HI-ELASTIC LIMIT" grade steel, I'll send a follow-up.

Ed Marshall, PE
Simons Engineering

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> Greetings all!
> I have come across a note on shop drawings for an electrical
> transmission line tower dated 1943 that says the following:  "ASTM
> A7-46, Except Angles marked * to be "HI-ELASTIC LIMIT" Grade"  The
> design/loading drawing only lists allowable stress for A7. I have
> called
> Bethlehem and some "old timers" and have not found anyone who can tell
> me the properties of the HI-ELASTIC LIMIT material (or rather,
> unwilling
> to do the research).  I know that A7 is a mild steel with properties
> almost that of A36.  I verified that by doing calculations on a tower
> and found that actual stresses are mostly around the allowable called
> out on the design/loading drawings.  The members marked HI-ELASTIC on
> the shop drawings, however, have stresses typically between 24,000 and
> 32,500 PSI.  Unfortunately, the design/loading drawings don't mention
> an
> allowable or yield stress for the HI-ELASTIC steel. 
> My question:  Does anyone have information for the properties (yield
> stress in particular) of the HI-ELASTIC LIMIT steel as manufactured by
> Bethlehem Steel Company, San Francisco Plant around 1943?
> Thanks in advance, 
> Terry Ryan, PE