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RE: Enercalc Reinforced Concrete Beam design

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One of the most difficult problems to track down are the Exception errors
and General Protection Fault errors. I have used the Enercalc library for
years under Windows 95 and now 98. I have had no similar problem and suspect
that your problem is due to either a corruption in one of the files, the
installation of an older DLL file that replaced a newer one (you are
generally warned at installation that an older file is trying to overwrite a
newer one).
I'm not trying to defend any software manufacturer, but if the problem is
not experienced by many users it is generally not a bug in the software, but
a conflict on the machine of the user who is having the problem.
Try a couple of these tips:
1. Reinstall Windows in maintaince mode so that it will look for damaged
files and repair them.
2. Shut down your machine into DOS mode and search for the file win386.swp.
The file size should be 0 and there should be only on such file. Delete each
one you find - Windows will recreate them at startup.
3. Delete all files in your C:\Windows\temp folder. As the number of these
files grow, the chances increase of crashes.
4. Clean out your Internet Temporary folders (there are usually four of
them). Sometimes these files cause problems.

Run a program like Norton's Win Doctor on your computer to find registry
problems and other software conflicts.

Windows 98 is nowhere near perfect, but it is more forgiving than 95
inasmuch as all of the past bug fixes are incorporated into the latest
version. I have found it more stable on both my desktop and my laptop (which
I'm writting this on).

Start by tracking down the conflict useing these tips. Let me know if you
still can not find the problem. Also request that Enercalc replace the disks
that they sent you in case the corrupted file is on their installation
disks. Don't reinstall over the already existing files. Instead, uninstall
the program first and make sure that all of the components are removed.
Enercalc places very few files into the Windows System directory so you
should be able to remove all files in the Enercalc directory and ask Mike
Brooks to supply you a list of files that may be mixed into your System's

Let me know if this is of any help to you.

Dennis Wish PE

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> Sent: Friday, July 10, 1998 12:53 PM
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> Subject: Re: Enercalc Reinforced Concrete Beam design
> This message is just a general comment on Enercalc.
> We upgraded from the DOS version to the Windows 95 version last
> year.  Since
> that upgrade we have had nothing but problems with the new
> version.  I have
> downloaded all of the updates but still have problems.  General protection
> faults, page faults, complete freeze of the machine, etc.  These
> problems have
> occurred on 4 different computers in my office.  I have sense
> went back to the
> old DOS version because it works better  (not perfectly).
> Michael Brooks has not been able to help me with my problems yet.
>  He seems to
> be "too busy".
> If anyone else has had similar problems with Enercalc, Let me know.
> I like the new windows interface but the bugs give me too many headaches.
> Thanks,
> Daniel Connell
> Baumann Engineering
> Newport Beach, CA