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Re: Enercalc problems

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In a message dated 98-07-10 15:53:01 EDT, you write:

<< We upgraded from the DOS version to the Windows 95 version last year.
 that upgrade we have had nothing but problems with the new version.  I have
 downloaded all of the updates but still have problems.  General protection
 faults, page faults, complete freeze of the machine, etc.  These problems
 occurred on 4 different computers in my office.  I have sense went back to
 old DOS version because it works better  (not perfectly).
 Michael Brooks has not been able to help me with my problems yet.  He seems
 be "too busy".
 If anyone else has had similar problems with Enercalc, Let me know.
 I like the new windows interface but the bugs give me too many headaches.
I seem to have similar problems.  I still use the old DOS version, eventhough
as you say it is not perfect.  The windows version has nice interface, but is
problem ridden.  I have downloaded and installed all the patches, but no
success.  I also find the limitations that I have to print in the bold shadow
frame format.  I can not save it as a text file and insert into WordPro97.  I
use large monitor with fine resolution.  The Enercal SEL is the only program
that I know which does not display properly in the window.  You can not resize
the window so it make difficult to work with other applications.
Consequently, I use DOS version more often than the Windows version.

The Fast Frame is a joke too!  I do not know which versions are current.  I
have yet to successfully model a simple 2D frame and see the result.

I would like to know if others are happy with competition such as Research
Engineers' Struct.etc or some other software.

Anand Nene, S. E.