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RE: 3/8" Plywood shear values on metal studs.

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This is very good advice, but I have one more suggestions to make:
Having done many URM retrofits in the past, 10 nailing posed a potential
threat of splitting 2x member. Because of this, we used to specify that
where 10d's are used joists are to be pre-drilled.
Since this was considered a real problem at the time, I started to question
whether it was advisible to use 10d Commons in vertical shearwalls. Until I
am comfortable that studs won't split by use of 10d's I have set my limits
on 8d nails with 15/32" 5 ply panels.
Are their any others who are hesitant to specify 10d nailing on vertical
panels or even horizontal panels where the spacing is closer that 6" on
Dennis S. Wish PE

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> It used to be kosher to use drywall and stucco shearwalls.  And
> now they're
> taboo.  3/8" would give one the hebee gebees after Northridge.  Let's all
> design the walls according to their relative flexural and shear
> rigidities and
> limit the H:W to reasonable values as well.  This, along with
> 15/32" five ply
> struct.I and 10d commons should solve the problem
> Ted Beckwith