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Re: Name Change

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I know that this is one area members of the CAC I have disagreed, but I must
congratulate the SEAOSC board for changing the domain name to SEAint. I have
had some very strong opinions in this area, many of which arose from the
comments I received in my Lurkers poll.
I understand the comments from those of you who responded to James Lai's
questions with "If it's not broke, don't attempt to fix it."

In one sense, this gift is provided for the wrong reasons. Please note that
these are my opinions and do not knowingly represent those of any SEAoC or
SEAoSC board member. The name change arose from a dispute. Whether it be
dispute or good judgement, I believe the later will prevail. I am not,
however, in total agreement with the Website name change. I feel that it is
important to separate the listservice as a global engineering community from
the Website which, I believe, should maintain the identity of the State
organization of SEA.

I realize that I have never been a State Supporter. It is my opinion that
(in California) four strong opinions should never be watered down by
compromise - but rather should promote four separate (or combined) votes or
unite the best of each opinion into a workable solution. I would guess that
there are more engineers represented by SEA in California than any other
state - around five thousand by my guess. However, the Website allows all of
the differences to be aired for members within the state to evaluate and
decide upon. Therefore, it is extremely important for each State with SEA
affiliation to have an identity that is unique rather than be blanketed
beneath the International label. I would much rather see hundreds of SEA
websites where individuals can begin the process of filtering information
that originate at those levels. SEA<state> or SEA<country>.  Websites should
maintain an identity that can be embraced by the individual members who
support it. I think the SEAOC change to is not in keeping
with this ideal and will eventually create a loss of identity for the
members of California.

Although done for the wrong reason, the move to SEAint Listservice is, in my
opinion, a wonderful gift to the global engineering community. The SEAint
Listsevice and Server now becomes part of the SEA domain worldwide. We need
not bicker about ownership, we need only to be united in the evolution of
the list and work toward the unity of a global engineering community.

Nothing really changes in appearance, but we may be pleased by the
psychological effect the domain change may have to those who have been
reluctant to use the tools. There is no longer any need to feel as though
you are a guest on this list. The voices spoken can no longer be construed
to be the opinions of any one State or Country. There are no limits to the
engineering topics and certainly none which dominate any other. The forum is
open to al professionals regardless of affiliation or location. You are
expected to bring topics of interest to the table. The tools were created
for each of us to seek the help we need that we might not otherwise have.
Above all, those who benefit from our discussions and peer reviews are the
public who will have safer and better buildings because we as professionals
are willing to learn from on another. The evolution of the structural
engineering community depends upon this Listservice as well as the server.
We owe it to our clients and those who live and work in the structures that
we create.  The direction this list is in your hands - all of you and the
responsibility for its evolution lies in those same hands. Please understand
the great potential that each of you posses and the many who will follow.

It is also my opinion that this gift will foster greater participation in
it's development by other professional organizations who, until now, would
not feel represented under the SEAOC or SEAOSC title. We have member of
SEAoT, SEAoA, SEAoW, SEAoU, SEAoH just to name a few. Now is the time for
these state and international organizations to help the SEAint Listsevice
and Server grow and evolve. I'm not suggesting that any one organization
give up their identity. I am, however, suggesting that each one should
devote some energy to becoming a part of the global community by helping to
support this List and Server. I am also suggesting that each chapter
maintain an identity so that each remains a link to the individual whose
voice must be allowed to be heard.
We have a great opportunity here. I only hope that the members of SEAOC
understand the wonderful potential that has arisen out of petty dispute.
Possibly in time SEA in California will once again find its identity. Until
that time, the SEAint Listservice is a grand opportunity to engineers around
the globe.
The future of this List and the SEAint Server is in the hands of every
engineer and every professional organization throughout the world.

Dennis S. Wish PE
La Quinta California USA