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Re: welded moment frames

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Now that the list server is "international", may be I will get some additional
response to my last post "modified a little)?

I am not yet able to find W.F. Chen's book.  But my question is not limited to
steel connections.  R/C moment connections appear just as puzzlling to me as
steel connections.  How do you adjust the quantity, arrangement of rebars to
assure that this connection will perform to the degree of "partial rigidity"
that you assumed?  At this time, however, I like to stay focusing on the steel
connections a little deeper to clear my own mind.  I felt the need to have a
little more understanding on the materals and systems commonly used in design.

To futher demonstarte my ignorance, I noticed that the 2000 IBC steel uses
"plastic rotation capacity", as demonstrated by prototype testing, to
categorize various moment frame systems.  If a connection system was tested to
show 0.03 radians plastic rotation capacity (with very detailed testing
requirements, of course), then this system can be qualified as "special moment
frame" system.  If a connection system was tested to have only 0.02 radians
plastic rotation, then the structural system using this connection system is
qualified as "Intermediate moment frame" system.  After the discussion on
partial rigidity, now I wonder on how the partial rigidity concept relates to
the 2000 IBC provisions, and how it relates to the results of the beam/column
assembly load tests?

Your input is much appreciated.

Y. Henry Huang