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SEAint is a virtual association that will promote Structural Engineering on
the Internet via the Web and the List Server. As far as logo goes, yes, we
(SEAOSC) do have proper permission to use the logo.

As time changes, the world will become a smaller place via virtual
associations, organizations and groups. These virtual association will be
very powerful since they will break the geographical barriers. The need for
local associations will still remain, and if anything, will be promoted by
these virtual association. Structural Engineers Association of Southern
California has simply started, what seems to be inevitable.

Hope that makes it little more clear.

Shafat Qazi
Internet Administrator.

At 7/13/98 10:19 AM, you wrote:
>But, you're calling this thing (whatever it is) an 'Association'  -  vis a
vis, the "Structural
>Engineering Association - International".  My question is, 'What is the
format of the Association?
>Are you a legal entity, or just a bunch of loosely associated
organizations, or individuals??"
>Your web site has a logo that looks suspiciously similar to that of the
SEAOC.  Do you have rights to
>use that logo?  etc, etc.  Maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems
to me that there' s been a
>lack of basic organizational groundwork work done.
>raranous(--nospam--at) wrote:
>> Lew,
>> seaint is not a single organization.  It is a combination of many
organizations from around the
>> world.  The idea is for a truly international list server and web site.
>> Lew Midlam wrote:
>> > There isn't any place at the seaint web site where one can get info on
SEA International.
>> > There's plenty of info about SEAOSC, et al, but nothing about SEA
>> >
>> > Who is SEA International?  Who are your members?  What is your
charter?  Who can join?  What is
>> > your phone number?  Where are you located?  Whom do you represent?
etc, etc, etc.
>> >
>> > Lew MIdlam, PE
>> >
>> > ========================
>> >
>> > JAMES S LAI wrote:
>> >
>> > > To: Readers of List Server,
>> > >
>> > > On behalf of the SEA International ( ), I wish to
>> > > welcome you. The SEAint Web Site and List Server is dedicated to the
>> > > improvement of communication among structural engineering professionals
>> >