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Re: Future of CA's Field Act - Seismic Safety for Public Schools

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> Many persons have expressed concern over the ability of local
> governments to enforce the Field Act. Present law requires local
> agencies to provide essentially the same level of plan review,
> inspection and onsite structural observation for private schools as
> the Field Act requires for public schools. How many of you believe
> that local agencies are providing the same quality of service as
> DSA?
> Tim McCormick P.E.

Tim, I don't think the issue is the level of service but the ability
and capability of local agencies. While the L.A. City Building
Department employs several structural engineers and has the necessary
talent, many (most?) local jurisdictions do not. In fact, some (many?)
do not even have a PE on staff. How can a Building Official or Plan
Check Engineer who is not at least a PE know if the requirements are
being met? Even if these local jurisdictions use outside structural
engineers to do the structural plan check, what about consistency
throughout the state. I submit, that this would turn out to be
impossible, with direct supervision by the state.

If members of this list will send me, by private email
(robert0(--nospam--at), the name of each local jurisdiction in California
of which they are familiar and whether or not the Building Official
and Structural Plan Checker is a CE, SE, or Registered Architect or
not licensed or registered at all, I will compile and post the
results. If the local jurisdiction uses an outside engineering firm,
then so indicate and indicate whether that firm uses a CE, SE or
Registered Architect for the services they provide. For larger
jurisdictions that have multiple plan checkers just indicate the
numbers of each type.

Should prove to be interesting.