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Re: Future of CA's Field Act - Seismic Safety for PublicSchools -Reply

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The main difference of inspection is the degree of oversight IMHO.  I thought
the State requires a full time continous on-site inspector ( supposed
qualified)  which means the contractor will probably have a higher degree of
compliance with the plans and specs than a part time drop in inspector from
the local agency.  

Most local agencies,  because of their workload,  are probably as good if not
better inspectors because of the wide variety of the projects they look at and
come across;  and the resultant cross-training.

Ronnie Fong, 
Fremont,  CA

In a message dated 7/13/98 4:08:48 PM !!!First Boot!!!,
TMCCORMI(--nospam--at)BAS.CI.LA.CA.US writes:

> Present law requires local agencies to provide
>  essentially the same level of plan review, inspection and onsite structural
>  observation for private schools as the Field Act requires for public
>  How many of you believe that local agencies are providing the same quality 
> of
>  service as DSA?