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Lew, SEAint is in essence what the Internet stands for - an open channel of
communication without ownership where those who participate shape the
channels future. The most magnaimous benifit here is equality. One small
state chapter has created a platform for engineers to meet internationally.
Nothing is charged, nothing is hidden in the shadows and no moderation other
than simple professional ethics. Like Sienfield episode, it's about nothing.
SEAint is a place where engineers around the world can feel at home - not as
guests, but as family.  Without the indiviual members that have participated
on this list, there would be no united engineering consort. The equipment
and maintaince are donated by SEAOSC with the committment that nothing shall
occur to cause the demise of this list or of the International web.
I know that I should not speak for Shafat, but some six years ago (or so) we
had a discussion about the direction that our profession was moving. Shafat
was far more understanding of the working of the Internet than I was.
However, I started on Bulletin Boards and privately owned boards where
engineers could meet. The EBBS (Engineering Bulletin Board Service)was one
such foundation.
Shafat and I always agreed that the Internet was important to the future of
our profession. I went on to believe personally that no issue posed by any
one organization should set presidence over the goal to unite engineers
around the world. Personally, I did not know about the IBC back then - I
think we only knew that we needed to help unite the professional community.
SEAoSC (Southern California) has always been supportive of the work that
Shafat and I have done. As board members changed and more Internet literate
members took their places, the understanding and approval for an
International presence became a focal issue.
Because of this, many individuals are now devoted to sustaining the life of
evolution of the SEA International Listservice and Website.
What is to become of it is up to all of us. As long as we all understand
that this is the ground floor of a very tall structure, we have a long way
to go and a lot of growing pains to suffer as we evolve.

The answer to Lew Midlam's question regarding ownership - we all own it.
It's part of our professional responsiblity and growth. Every member is an
important link.
In fact, there is more responsiblity on each member - make it grow and make
it prosper.

Dennis Wish PE

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> Lew,
> seaint is not a single organization.  It is a combination of many
> organizations from around the
> world.  The idea is for a truly international list server and web site.
> Lew Midlam wrote:
> > There isn't any place at the seaint web site where one can get
> info on SEA International.
> > There's plenty of info about SEAOSC, et al, but nothing about
> SEA International.
> >
> > Who is SEA International?  Who are your members?  What is your
> charter?  Who can join?  What is
> > your phone number?  Where are you located?  Whom do you
> represent?  etc, etc, etc.
> >
> > Lew MIdlam, PE
> >
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> >
> > JAMES S LAI wrote:
> >
> > > To: Readers of List Server,
> > >
> > > On behalf of the SEA International ( ),
> I wish to
> > > welcome you. The SEAint Web Site and List Server is dedicated to the
> > > improvement of communication among structural engineering
> professionals
> >