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Re: Future of CA's Field Act - Seismic Safety for Public Schools

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With all due respect to Tim McCormick, not all jurisdictions are equivalent ot the
city of Los Angeles.  When we are talking about statewide legislation, we need to
consider all jurisidictions not just those who are capable of providing the review
necessary.  What about that little jurisdiction that does not have an SE on staff
and has to contract?  What if their contracting requirements say they have to take
the low bid?

The issue is not with the City of Los Angeles, or San Francisco, or other large
jurisdicitons who employ SEs.  The issue is with the small jurisdiction who does
not employ an SE and has to contract for those services.  Are the children in
those jurisdicitions entitled to the same level of care as those in the LA Unified
School District?  Or is it okay for them to potentially accept the quality of the
low bid?

Rick Ranous

TVDEsq(--nospam--at) wrote:

> In a message dated 98-07-13 00:24:35 EDT, you write:
> << Currently DSA requires a S.E. to perform the structural plan check. I
> believe local building officals will fight this requirement, since some
> building departments do not have S.E.'s on staff. >>
> <<How can a Building Official or Plan Check Engineer who is not at least a PE
> know if the requirements are being met? Even if these local jurisdictions use
> outside structural engineers to do the structural plan check, what about
> consistency throughout the state. I submit, that this would turn out to be
> impossible, with(out?) direct supervision by the state.>>
> As Tim pointed out, Local Building Officials must use a licensed S.E. to
> perform the plancheck of private schools. If they don't have one on staff they
> must contract with one. These regulations are found in Cal Education Code,
> 17320 et. al. and apply to schools 2000 sq. ft. and larger. From the code:
> "17333.  A jurisdiction whose enforcement agency does not meet the
> qualifications specified in Sections 17331 and 17332 shall obtain
> necessary qualified personnel to meet the requirements of this
> article by contracting with other public agencies, private sector
> firms, or individuals qualified to perform the necessary services."
> Perhaps the straw poll could also indicate how often these regulations are
> complied with?
> Respectfully,
> Tom VanDorpe, P.E., C.B.O.
> VCA Structural Engineers
> Orange, CA