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Re: Placing Concrete in Vault

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With the use of super-plasticizer you may not need any vibration at all.


Sleiman Serhal wrote:
> I've been consulted for a job involving the casting of a class 3 vault
> for a major bank.
> The thickness of the walls and slabs is 27" with six layers of
> reinforcement each offset with respect to the other 0.8" so that any
> line crossing the wall or slab would run through a rebar. The rebar
> spacing within one layer is 4". All rebars are #5.
> The ready mix supplier is suggesting a mix design with a nominal maximum
> aggregate size of 3/4" and a slump range of 3.5 to 5". Sika R200
> plasticizer/retarder is to be used to attain this slump.
> I'm thinking of suggesting a nominal maximum aggregate size of 1/2"
> instead of 3/4", a slump of 6 to 7" instead of the 5", the use of Sika
> R2002 superplasticizer instead of the plasticizer, and external
> vibration since no internal poker can penetrate the full depth
> vertically.
> I'd like to get some opinions especially if someone dealt with this type
> of vault before.
> Thanks,
> Moni Serhal