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RE: Cakes are round, Pie are square

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The real downside of e-mail is that one can never tell when another is
serious or acting in jest.  For this reason, before I make the following
comments, please allow me to express my sincerest apologies for appearing to
have no sense of humor myself.

This particular "story" has been floating around the internet for nearly as
long as the chain letter about the suffering child you referred to in your
message.  The fact that Guy Hunt has not been Alabama's governor for several
years dates the message.  I don't personally know Kate O'Brian (the sender
of the JOKE), but I can't believe for one minute that she sent it to
antagonize the battle (or crusade, if you will) that has been raging on this
list for the past several days.  Speaking as a Christian, I would encourage
everyone out there to thicken up your skins and live a little.  While I
admit that the previous humor (the joke that started the whole thing) was a
bit tasteless, I found it funny, nonetheless.  Guess what:  so did my
priest.  Believe it or not, God does have a sense of humor.

In any case this particular message IS NOT a joke about Christians, it is a
joke about Alabamians, which is a subject that we here in Georgia take very
seriously (sorry to the folks from B'ham and Pell City).

Just my very aggravated two cents worth

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> Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 1998 2:18 PM
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> Subject: FW: Cakes are round, Pie are square
> Enough!  You and others have usurped the original purpose of this
> listserver!
> It is very easy to put out things like this on the Internet with
> no sources
> and pass it off as something that has actually been documented.
> (I seem to
> remember an unsubstantiated chain letter about a suffering child sent to
> this list by yourself.)  I can type anything onto a message, insert
> quotation marks, and give it a sense of realism.  Even if these
> people said
> these ridiculous things, it is very easy to cite a few extreme "fanatics"
> (to use your earlier term) and paint a broad brush against all Christian
> people.  I say enough!  This is mean spirited.  Let's get back to
> engineering issues.
> Kent Estes