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Cakes are round, Pie are square

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This post is so absurd that it could be true!  It is a poke at politicians 
about what they can diddle away their time.  It drags in the supporters and 
the opponents that exist with any legislative action.  

I remember years ago that the major legislation being considered by the 
Arizona legislature was legalizing the 7 ounce beer can (TRUE!).  It seems 
that Coors was introducing a 7 ounce can of beer, however, Arizona law 
required that the smallest beer can/bottle was 12 ounces and Coors wanted 
it changed.  Every day there were articles in the press on the progress (or 
lack of it) in passing the measure.  In the end, the measure passed --- I 
think that I saw 7 ounce cans only once or twice.

I think that if we look at bills that are actually introduced, and 
amendments that are attached to introduced bills, the post was not really 
far fetched.  There is enough actual goings on in legislatures that make the 
whole thing entirely plausible.

When I was in the Navy, I discovered that the most absurd scuttlebutt was 
most believed and traveled the ship faster than actual information.

Kate, it is obvious that you enjoy a good story and I do too.  However, some 
of them that you post that I enjoy, I have to say, "Oh, oh!"  Like a risque 
joke that we would tell only in certain company, I think that we have to 
consider all those who read this list and what their tolerance might be.  
BTW, this story does not fit in the "Oh, oh!" category.  It is a *very good* 

Dan Vines, that your priest enjoyed the Christian story is not surprising.  I 
have found that priests are very tolerant of religious (and risque) 
stories.  (BTW, I am not Catholic.)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona