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RE: Cakes are round, Pie are square

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Title: RE: Cakes are round, Pie are square

I don't really see a problem with this.  This will make the computation of circumference easier for lay people.  The roughly 5% error can be accommodated with a slightly flatter circle.  For engineers, mathematicians, scientists and those who do not want flat spots in wheels a correction is proposed.  The constant formerly known as pi will be replaced with 3 x iota(a seldom used Greek letter that is been wasted).  Iota would be a new constant with a value of the constant formerly known as pi divided by 3.  Iota should still be an irrational number, giving mathematicians the pleasure of computing its value to an unconscionable number of decimal places.  So if you give one iota, we can continue on our merry way.

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