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RE: Enercalc Reinforced Concrete Beam design

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>I set up a series of files in MS Word, Excel and MathCAD. I have created
>(and in the process of creating) templates whenever I encounter a new
>application. I put the file name in the footer for easy reference. The type
>of template dictates which application I use to create it. I use Word for
>cover sheet, specs, etc. I use Excel when I have a application that requires
Interesting. I do roughly the same thing between Excel and Microsoft Word 
for ASME Code calculations. I run all the calculations with Excel, then I 
export the Excel results into tab delimited files that read into Word 
print merge documents. The merged results look like hand calculations 
with all the formulas written out and variables listed and as an adjunct 
they go into reports real easy. Using Excel workbooks keeps all the 
numbers together for a given project. Linking between Word and Excel is 
too much of a pain because the links are too hard to edit; merge files go 
like gangbusters and allow a little flexibility with formatting. One neat 
thing about a workbook is that you can use look-ups for stress material 
designations and service conditions and use a summary worksheet to show 
how each detail meets the Code criteria. I do the same thing with 
figuring section properties only I use other software (HyperCard) for the 

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