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RE: Cakes are round, Pie are square

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I said it.

And I stand by it.

He WAS the FIRST REPUBLICAN since Reconstruction to be elected governor of Alabama.  I don't remember the last Republican before him, all I can remember is one cogent fact:

He was a black man.

Of course, he was not elected, because governors of the "Reconstructed" states were all appointed by Congress, which was at that time controlled by the so-called "Radical Republicans" who gained power in the backlash resulting from the assassination of Pres. Lincoln.

Don't mess with a history buff from Alabama, SUH!!!

We're fed this stuff along with Mother's Milk.


Bill Polhemus
(Father from South Carolina, Mother from Alabama, Born and Raised in the Sunny Southland)

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Geez....I hardly call the original election of Guy Hunt as "momentious"...and
I also bet money...the person that orginally stated he was the first
Republican since Reconstruction...was not  a southerner...I would be curious
about that one...