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Re: Misnomer

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> I must apologize.  When I signed onto this list I thought it was the
> Structural Engineer's Association of California, but now I realize
> that it is the Structural Engineers Against Organized Christianity. 
> Pretty good cover folks!
Just because some of us are not offended by off color jokes or jokes
aimed at organizations or groups we belong to does not mean that this
group is in any way organized against Christianity or any other
religious, ethnic, social, geographic, political or occupational
group, association, or organization. Even though I am also an
attorney, you did not see me and I doubt that you saw anyone else
protesting when members of this group post attorney jokes or otherwise
bash attorneys. I for one enjoy attorney jokes, even though most if 
not all of such jokes poke fun at or otherwise ridicule attorneys. We 
need to be able to laugh at ourselves and I think most of us 
recognize the intended humor and appreciate the break from the 
otherwise serious toils of the day that such postings on this list 
provide. Maybe it is unfortunate that the "fanatics" provide such an 
abundant source for humor, but that's life.

Unfortunately religious groups seem to attract fanatics. If you 
think about it for a second I think you may agree. In Northern 
Ireland we have those who call themselves "Christians" and who 
profess to have the same God and profess to follow the same Bible, 
killing each other over really insignificant differences in 
interpretation, on which probably neither is correct. If this is not 
absurd enough, the Bible, which forms the basis of their beliefs, 
condemns killing. Now that is absurd but unfortunately true. Why 
then, should you be offended or event upset when others poke fun at 
such absurdities in the fanatics beliefs, positions or statements.

I think what others are trying to say is: Do not take seriously what
is clearly intended as humor and entertainment. Life is too short to
always be serious. Poking fun at the absurdities in our lives and the
ridiculous and peculiar things we sometimes say, hear and do helps us
maintain our sanity and bearings.