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Fw: (Fwd) Horrifying sex attacks during riots "hushed

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Subject: Fw: (Fwd) Horrifying sex attacks during riots "hushed
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Date:    7/15/98 5:10 AM

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Subject: (Fwd) Horrifying sex attacks during riots "hushed

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Wednesday, July 15, 1998


Horrifying sex attacks during riots "hushed up"

By LOUISE WILLIAMS, Herald Correspondent in Jakarta

A mob of angry men jumped the concrete barricades and swept
the tollway leading into Jakarta, their numbers forcing the terrified
drivers to stop.

In one car were two young ethnic Chinese girls. They were pulled
screaming from the vehicle and partially stripped. Right there in
front of
the mob they were repeatedly raped, their suffering a gruesome
sport for the rampaging gang.

In other parts of the city similar Muslim gangs were forcing entry
the homes of ethnic Chinese, raping wives and daughters in front of
husbands and children, looting furniture and valuables, then
torching the

Initially, the horrifying sexual attacks on ethnic Chinese women
the mass riots of May this year were hushed up. Those who sought
comfort the victims, or piece together details of the gruesome
were threatened with violence themselves by anonymous callers.

Police said they had received no complaints, but women's groups
said the victims were too terrified to come forward.

Now, according to a new report handed to the Indonesian Human
Rights Commission, solid evidence has been collected detailing 168
rapes of women and children, and the consequent death of 20
victims, either killed by their assailants, burnt to death in their
or who later died of their injuries.

"For the Chinese if you are raped it is not just a deep social
shame, it
is a curse, you can no longer be seen as a human being," says
Ester, who
runs a hotline for National Solidarity, a group opposing ethnic
discrimination. "I got a lot of calls from victims and relatives who
so scared they wouldn't even give their names, they would just
hang up."

The new report, compiled by the Volunteers for Humanity, which
publicly raised the rape claims, said 152 women were raped around
Jakarta and another 16 in provincial towns, between the May riots
and the first week of July.

What is now emerging is a pattern of systematic rape against
Chinese women and children, within a wider rampage against the
ethnic Chinese community.

Indonesia's minority ethnic Chinese historically have been targets of
violence during political upheavals, their control of much of the
economy making them easy targets for social envy.

"It is true that every time there are problems in Indonesia the
are attacked, but public rape is very deviant behaviour. We have
heard of
mass killings before, but not mass rapes," Ester said.

It is also clear that the Muslim-dominated armed forces did nothing
protect the victims from the terrible wave of violence which swept
Jakarta. And there is evidence that in the lead-up to the crisis, rage
against the relatively wealthy Chinese was fanned by senior
Government officials and military leaders as a means of deflecting
attention from the Government.

But the problem now is that the fear has not ended with the removal
of President Soeharto and his replacement by President B.J.
Habibie. Last week the Government announced the appointment of
an all-female task force to investigate the rapes, which human rights
activists said came far too late for most of the victims.

Recently, in Chinese-dominated residential districts, gangs have
reportedly painted homes with coloured marks for future attacks:
being a sign to burn, black to kill the occupants and green to loot.

Across Jakarta the commercial districts are scarred by the fires and
destruction of the May riots, and many of the shops continue to
display sign "Pribumi Muslim", meaning they are Islamic natives of
Indonesia, not Chinese. As the economy continues to deteriorate
mass unemployment and hunger grips Indonesia few doubt there
be more violence.