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[Fwd: Donation for May Atrocities in Indonesia (7/7/98)]

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We found this organization in response to the 14-15 May 1998 tragedy in
Indonesia.  The vast economical and political downfalls have led to
severe violations of human rights.  Arson, physical abuse, murder, and
most importantly the public mass rape have terrorized countless innocent

We are a social, apolitical, non-religious, and non-profit based women
organization.  Our purpose is to raise immediate funds for the victims
of this catastrophe.   We define "victims" as those suffering physical,
psychological and material abuses;
-  older and young women alike, including girls of 10-12 years of age
suffering from mass rape,
-  people who lost members of their families during the riots,
-  people who lost their homes and properties during the riots.

The funds will be distributed to the victims through "Tim Relawan untuk
Kemanusiaan " (Volunteers for the Human Rights) It is a broad-based
human right non-government organization lead by Romo Ignatius Sandyawan
Sumardi S.J. They have given great social contributions to the needy in
Indonesia regardless of race, gender, ethnicity nor religion.  We chose
this organization based on their credentials and proven commitment to
the society.  As of the Bloody May Catastrophe, they have been focusing
in giving medical and psychological assistance to the rape victims as
well as giving temporary accommodation and meals to the general riot
victims.  In sync with the selfless spirit of this organization, we call
on each of you to donate material wealth to ease the great sufferings of
the victims.

In order to secure delivery of donations made to "Tim Relawan untuk
Kemanusiaan," we will post name of donors (unless otherwise noted),
amount contributed, city of residence, as well as receipt from "Tim
Relawan untuk Kemanusiaan" in our homepage at The list of donators will be
updated at the end of each day, and we will immediately send every week
with five hundred dollars minimum collected to cover the urgent needs of
the victims.
As of July 7th, 1998 we have received a total amount of $2013, most of
which ($2013)
has been sent via wire transfer to Indonesia on July 5rd, 1998.***

Should there be anybody, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity nor
religion, who would be interested in assisting us with direct
solicitation of funds, please e-mail us at

We encourage all women and those who have the hearts to help these
innocent and helpless victims to join our plight.  Our membership is
open to all women regardless of race, ethnicity nor religions.

Donations in large sum could be sent directly to:
     Tim Relawan
     Christina Widiantarti, S.H. qq TRK
     BNI 46 Cabang Matraman
     Account Number: 219.000171461.901
     Contact person : Agung Putri (021) 797-2662

Checks can be made and sent to the order of:
1. Susanne Setijadi - USA
     1807 Toyon Drive
     Concord, CA 94520
     (925) 687-9616
2. Linda Sari - USA
     240 Bay Street #303
     San Francisco, CA 94133
3. Dewi Susanti - USA
     984 Spruce Street
     Berkeley, CA 94707
4. Carolina Hartanto - Singapore
     Block 182, Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 #11-151
     Singapore 650182
5. Maurita Sutedja - Indonesia
     Permata Hijau blok:O/No:6
     Jakarta 12210
     (6221) 549-3244 - home

Wire transfers can also be made by contacting any of the 5 persons on
list above.