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Re: Misnomer

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Going back to posting humor or jokes in this listserve, who determines what
jokes are appropriate or not, offensive or not, etc.? Do we need a joke patrol
or humor editor to screen jokes before being posted? Are green jokes or dirty
jokes appropriate? How does one know if  a joke is appropriate only for
private conversation with friends and not for a large group of people we don't
really know very well?

Personally, I don't mind any kind of joke or humor being posted on this
listserve. If I start reading one that sounds offensive to me, I just go on to
the next post. I'm not the type who will say something about it. For those who
felt offended and wants to say something let them do so. We don't have to
respond to one's personal opinion and create a whole new thread on it. I know
that some comments such as to lighten up are meant to be a friendly advise.
But I also understand people from a different country and culture/religion
interpreting it differently. 

Just my opinion.

Ernie Natividad