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Humor(lighten up)

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  The three shortest books in the world:

    1. World War II Italian War Heroes

    2. The Book of Jewish Business Ethics

    3. Blacks I Have Met While yachting

  Know why blacks have chickens in their front yards?

    To teach their kids how to walk...

  What do you get when you cross a Jew and a Gypsy?

    A chain of empty stores.

  Know what you get if you cross a Chinese and a Mexican?

    You get a car thief that can't drive...

  Know how blacks learned to break dance?

    They were watching Mexicans try to steal hubcaps off moving cars...

  How do you baby-sit a black?

    You attach Velcro to the ceiling and stick him up by his head.

  How do you get him down again?

    You hand a stick to a Mexican kid and tell him it's a pinata.

  Why aren't there any significant works of art from Puerto Rican
  artists prior to 1957?

    That's the year spray paint was invented.

  How do you get 50 Dominicans into a space 20' long by 5' wide?

    Tell them it floats.

  How many Puerto Ricans does it take to change a lightbulb?

    None. (Alright, alright, who stole the  _____ lightbulb?!!)

  What 3 things come in a yellow box?

    1. Kodak film

    2. Crayons

    3. Woody Allen