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Re: OTTO & Shafat

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I got the point in just the way Mr Otto intended. It was jarring for sure,
seeing that breed of jokes on this list, but their appearance looked more
calculated than angry. Pretty quick the intent came into focus. Good job.

Anyone remember the humorous Letter to Thomas Jefferson on July 7th? It was
posted by an engineer who thought it fit for engineers, but it still bore
the name of the person who first sent it out, one "RevTony". I know him. He
is pastor of a church in the Modesto, CA area, has a buoyant, mirthful
personality, and he sends out jokes. In that instance, a political joke, in
violation of separation of church and state, and it mocked the British. Or
was it really only a joke on pompous bureaucrats?

My preference is for humor on this listserver that bears some relevance to
our lives as engineers and is unhurtful in nature. If thought provoking
along with being funny and entertaining, so much the better.

Having said that, I confess to enjoying those jokes that were examples of
what I think isn't wanted here. Sorry.

Charles O. Greenlaw   
At 12:23 AM 7/16/98 -0400, Glenn Otto wrote:
>Dear Mr. Hernandez,
>I do not find the jokes humorous either.  I agree with K. Hemmatyar whose
>message I saw before I sent the jokes.  I was the one complaining about
>some of the humor at the expense of Christians found on this server which
>go beyond "Bible jokes".  I was merely trying to illustrate my point to the
>"tolerant" ones on the server with the extreme case of what they were
>saying.  I believe the jokes belong in the joke server where I got them. 
>The humor on the SEAOC server should be self-restricted to "engineer jokes"
>and the like.  
>I sent this e-mail directly to you and did not post it on the SEAOC server.
> I am waiting to see if anyone gets my point.
> Glenn Otto