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Re: Shafat & the listserv

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Thank you for taking the time to administer the listserv - volunteers 
are rarely appreciated.  

The listserv has been a great source of information but also some 
unusual political and religious commentary.  The reality of the listserv 
and its expansion from SEAOC to SEAINT is that there soon will be so 
many messages that it will be difficult to sift thru them (I fear 
accessing my account after a weeks vacation) Eventually you will 
probably find some people leaving because the e-mail is to hard to keep 
up with.  Lately it seems that the jokes and commentary outnumber the 
engineering info and inquiries (I have been guilty as well) making it 
even more difficult.

I hate to ask more of your time but would it be possible to consider 
breaking the listserv into two groups  SEAINT(--nospam--at)SEAINT.ORG and for the 
lighter side/commentary/politics/religion  SEAINTLS(--nospam--at)SEAINT.ORG in the 
long run both purposes will be much better served.  

Unfortunately its human nature to respond to some of the jokes/comments 
that you agree or diagree with - in the end this will overshadow what 
the listserv has been and could be.  The recent messages are evidence 
that Engineers have humor, opinions and can be offensive but we know 
that and dont necessarily need to prove it on the listserv.  SEAINTLS 
could serve that purpose and free up SEAINT to be a great source of 
info.  Any one else agree?????

Thanks again Shafat