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Re: OTTO & Shafat

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Before every jumps to condemn Glen Otto we must understand he was
merely pointing out that the tolerance I suggested must non-the-less
have limits. With this I agree. My point was that I did not believe
that the posters of the humor he and others objected to intended any
offense or attack on his beliefs, as was suggested, and he should 
have understood this. Likewise, as Chuck pointed out, Mr. Otto was 
merely reminding us that tolerance has it limits and the need for 
self restraint so as not to unintentionally offend. If we would 
request Mr. Otto's tolerance and understanding we must be willing to 
afford him the same and understand the his purpose was not to offend 
but vividly demonstrate the need for self restraint and limits. In 
this light, he did a good job, as Chuck noted.

Hopefully we will quickly achieve a reasonable balance.