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Kate O'Brien, Bill Allen and Open Letter to Shafat Qazi

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By placing the "Pies are Round-joke" on this server Mr./Mrs Kate O'Brien
proved once again that we, men/women, have poor judgement as to what is right
vs what is wrong about many life issues, ..... what is appropriate under
certain circumstances and what is not .... what is funny to one group of
people vs what is not funny to another group of people; ... what are the
limits of acceptable emotional outbursts ... and on and on and on. 

I think I should stop here as I do not wish to start another round of (say)
male vs female, Puerto Rican vs Irish vs Mongolian "jokes" trying to prove
superiority/cleverness/stupidity of one (sex/national/ religious)  group
versus another. But we are not to blame. We are the way the Gods created us. 

But here is an abbreviated version of a joke that I would never place on this
server: If someone wants to have its full version, please send me a private
message and I will EMail its full contents to a person requesting the joke.
Otherwise, please connect with ""

"Once upon a time there was this (....) pervert who loved to (.....) little
girls.  As a reward of their cooperation, every time he  (.......) he also
(.... ) their black (....).    ........

 ----> To Bill Allen and to others who think alike:
At what point would you want to push the DELETE-key ???  After the first
bracket content ??? ... after the second bracket content ???... or would you
read the whole message and then delete the "joke" as unworthy your level of
intelligence ???

Have a good day ....