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RE: Welded Steel Tanks - Seismic Design

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It depends on which version of API 650 that you have.  They were supposed to incorporate the hydrodynamic methodology of AWWA D100.  I am not sure if that has been accomplished, or if you have that version.  

The hydrodynamic forces calculated by D100 are different than those in the NAVFAC P-355.  In some cases P-355 was found to be conservative and in some cases it was not.  In any case the appropriate methodology for a water storage tank is the AWWA D100.

The manner in which liquid dynamic forces is calculated varies from entity to entity (API, AWWA, NAVFAC, FERC, ACI350, etc.).  In the technical subcommittee that I am privileged to chair, we endeavored to investigate various methodologies including those contained in foreign building codes and proprietary company standards.  We focused on the methodology that was viewed as the most accurate and efficient.  That methodology was contained in D100.  Most of the various entities are changing and converging on the methods contained in D100.

You may wish to contact Nicholas Legatos at Preload Inc. in Garden City, New York who serves on my committee and is much more knowledgeable than me on this topic. 

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Subject:	Welded Steel Tanks - Seismic Design

  I am designing the foundation for a welded steel tank for water storage. 
I have the API STD 650, Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage, API, but  I do
not have D100, Welded Steel Tanks for Water Storage, AWWA.  Has anyone
compared the analysis methods between the two standards?  Would API 650 be
good for a preliminary design?

Thanks in advance for any info,

Glenn Otto