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RE: OTTO & Shafat -Reply

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It is a sad statement that a group of people with our intelligence and
education and diverse background need policing at all as well as carrying an
off-topic thread to ad-nauseum such that valuable participants decide to

If it weren't for certain hyper-sensitive Christians (who seldom have made
technical contributions anyway) and Jim Otto (in, I believe, his first post
to the listserv) trying to make a point, this whole issue would have been
gone by now.

I suspect Kate O'Brien subscribes to a humor newsgroup and has contributed
on occasion with a few jokes she felt might perk up this otherwise mundane
listserv. Unfortunately we as a group appear have nothing better to discuss
than these meaningless sensitivities and her action caused more harm than
good. Too bad.

Bill Allen

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I thought of that. However, it seems to me that a good number of
subscribers want and like the humor to continue. The objection seems to be
to the frequency and the contents of such email. The only solution I can
come up with is to BAR the offender from the list and post the FAQ more
frequently to the list server.

Here is the new Question that I am adding to our FAQ:

Q. Can I post a joke to the list?
A. This list server is intended to focus on the Structural engineering
issues. Normally, the jokes are NOT welcome by members. However, an
occasional joke relating engineers are allowed, provided the content is not
regarding race, religion or ethnicity. If your email is found inappropriate
by the administrator, you will be warned and suspended from the list.

Comments are welcome.