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Open message to Shafat

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>From my perspective, at this time when the SEAOC website is expanding to an
international forum, the listserver needs to be divided to separate
work-related discussions from chat room material.  It's not just a matter of
learning to use the delete button.  Websites with separate lists are not
uncommon.  And the National Lampoon approach, offending everyone equally,
just doesn't wash.

I continue to value the SEAOC webserver and the engineering-related
information here, but please divide it by subject.  I for one cannot
continue to subscribe the way it's going.  And I suspect that if you do
divide it, not many would sign up for a so-called "humor" list.  Just my

Rick Becker, P.E.

> Shafat,
> Maybe this issue is another one that we can use our instant survey at the
> seaoc website. Just make sure to use the appropriate question?(i.e. Do you
> want to disallow all jokes on the list serve? or, Do you want to
> have a joke
> editor  who screens all the jokes before being posted? or, whatever....)
> If we don't resolve this issue, I'm afraid we'll lose more of our
> very good
> members who contribute so much to our profession through this listserve.
> Ernie Natividad