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Re: wood adhesives

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I know of no list of adhesives.  However, there are two adhesives manufactured
by Ashland Chemical Co. (Columbus, OH) that have code recognition for
structural gluing.  They are tradename Isoset in two, two-part formulations;
National Evaluation Service Report NER-165 covers isocyanate/emulsion polymer
and ICBO ES Report ER-5440 covers polyurethane/emulsion polymer.  They meet
ASTM Spec D2559, which is widely used as the performance criteria for
structural wood gluing.  They are distributed on the west coast, min. 5 gal.
quantity.  These glues are more tolerant of variables such as temperature and
m.c. of wood than two-part resorcinol adhesives.  They can also be augmented
by gap fillers, but thick glue lines are often weaker.

Field gluing is risky unless done under controlled conditions with continuous
inspection by the engineer or designate.  Generally, building dept. inspectors
do not want to sanction structural field gluing.

John Rose/APA, Tacoma, WA

Mark A. Scott wrote:

> I was recently asked about new wood adhesive and its' suitability for
> plywood gussets on trusses.  I recommended the gussets be designed for the
> mechanical capacity of the fasteners.  The question remains in my mind
> about the use of adhesives and what mechanical properties are acceptable;
> what type of temperature resistance they must have for fire resistance,
> etc.  I did some repair work on glue lam beams with the cooperation of the
> manufacturer utilizing their approved adhesive and clamping pressures
> defined by the glue manuf'r.  I don't have that at my disposal.  Is there
> an approved list of adhesives or specification they must meet in order to
> utilize the composite action of the fastened wood pieces?
> Thanx,
> Mark A. Scott, SE, Washington St.