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Re: wood adhesives / GLB cracks

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     I have a job for three pedestrian bridges  ( 40' span x 6' wide ) that
use a glu lam beam on each side. The beams were delivered and the owner called
to say i should look at them because of the cracks. I went to the job and the
beams all had cracks along the side in many places. From the end it appeared
that heartwood portions were checking extensively. The beams were dirty as if
they had been laying around for some time. They do have certifications from
Canada.I have a meeting tomarrow to ask the contractor why he should not send
the beams back, but it would be nice if someone could direct me to a code
section to quote ( preferably UBC or L.A. city).

     Thanks in advance.

     Tom Harris, SE
     Thousand Oaks, CA