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RE: OTTO & Shafat -Reply

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I am personally sorry to see Tim take such drastic measures for the
inconvenience that was created by what most assume to be inappropriate
jokes. What bothers me is the willingness for any of you to leave this list
because of it.
Whether you set your filters (on newer browsers) or need to keep hitting the
delete key, the large number of posts in response to these jokes has been
condecending rather than supportive. Therefore, your annoyance seems to be
more with the the large number of respondents rather than the one attempt at
humor of itself.

I urge all of you to keep in mind the purpose of this listservice. Being
unmoderated has its disadvantages to most, but for the hundred inappropriate
posts there are at least one that justifies the value of this list.
Tim McCormick is a key player on this list in my estimation. However, I can
no more guarantee the future content than anyone else. Nor is it Shafats
responsibility to police the list and bar those that choose to use it for
inappropriate means. This is asking too much for someone who volunteers his
time and energies maintaining the list and working for the advancement of
this profession as a SEAOSC board member.

I urge Tim to reconsider. His comments and information provided on this list
in the past are invaluable. He would be, in my opinion, hurting both the
future of the list and the benifit that is gained by others who need his
input as both an engineer and employee of the City of Los Angeles.

Many of the others on this list fill the same necessary purpose. I've
stressed this in the past. Each engineer that we lose is a lost link, a lost
engineering judgement, a voice of information and peer review. Is any one
post so offensive as to cause any of you to abandon this professional
service which we have strived so hard to create?

Personally, I'll be the last one - it that's what it takes - to go down with
this ship. It is of little hardship to hit the delete key, filter a message,
or ignore something that stikes me as offensive. There is much more at stake
here than my lack of tolerance.


Dennis S. Wish PE

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> Sent: Thursday, July 16, 1998 9:07 AM
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> Subject: Re: OTTO & Shafat -Reply
> I try to understand the rights and responsibilities of free
> speech. Several
> recent postings have exercised this right without much social
> responsibility:
> IE  postings on religion, national origin etc. I am tired of so frequently
> hitting my delete key. Because these nonsense messages are so
> frequent and have
> changed the content nature of this list server, I bid you all farewell.
> Tim McCormick, P.E.
> City of Los Angeles