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FW: Cakes are round, Pie are square

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>>Enough!  You and others have usurped the original purpose of this

It is very easy to put out things like this on the Internet with no sources
and pass it off as something that has actually been documented.  (I seem to
remember an unsubstantiated chain letter about a suffering child sent to
this list by yourself.)  I can type anything onto a message, insert
quotation marks, and give it a sense of realism.  Even if these people said
these ridiculous things, it is very easy to cite a few extreme "fanatics"
(to use your earlier term) and paint a broad brush against all Christian
people.  I say enough!  This is mean spirited.  Let's get back to
engineering issues.  

Kent Estes<<

It's a joke, hon. Lighten up OK?