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RE: OTTO & Shafat -Reply

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Dennis Wish wrote:

>I am personally sorry to see Tim take such drastic measures for the
>inconvenience that was created by what most assume to be inappropriate
>Tim McCormick is a key player on this list in my estimation.

[Bill Cain] I, too, feel that Tim has been very important to the list.  Our
loss of Tim should remind all of us how fragile relationships can be and the
value each of us can bring to the list. 

Although some list members have not used good judgement in what they posted, I
am able to delete or otherwise ignore such acts. It is the sheer volume of
tedious, repetitive analyses of postings that should be just ignored and the
need by some people to get the last word in that I most object to.  Can we all
just accept that some people have been offended and get on with life?

Bill Cain, SE
Albany  CA